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"reflection of
a machine"

( "pwdro" collection, 2022 )


*/ "reflection of a machine" is another unique piece from the 1/1s of the "pwdro" collection.

" is a digital painting that took me around 2 and half months to finish. At least 35 hours with the project open, probably the most longstanding process I've had with an artwork." is also very significant in its meaning, I tried to incorporate the feeling of emptiness and consistent self-evaluation on the image of the man being scared at his own reflection. T
he main idea was that the man could be a half-human half-machine with the chipboards and the USB ports taking place on the skull along with the organic shapes of the skeleton, reflecting that feeling."

( digital painting, 2022 )

window tab 1x1.png

reflection of a machine timelapse.mp4

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collected by Mccluskey

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